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PFAS Water Services

Don't stress about the PFAS Water Situation! Herrington Excavating will make it as simple and streamlined as possible!

Why Choose Us?

One Call Takes Care of It All!

Local and family-owned business

Minimal landscape disruption

Fast and accurate service

Professional and helpful crew

Innovative technology

Herrington Excavating uses the best trench-less technologies in excavating to minimize the impact to client schedules, landscaping, foundations, and the environment. Call us today at (616) 874-7449 to learn more!

Why We Care

Lonnie and Kim Herrington, born and raised in Belmont, decided to reinvest in their community after the PFAS was discovered in the surrounding areas. It is bad enough that families have had to worry over the safety of their water, they don’t need their yards, patios, driveways, and homes damaged by trenching, tree removal, and all the other issues involved with their landscaping, not to mention the time for the landscape to recover in this process, to fix their problem.

We can’t change the circumstances of PFAS, but we can use the best technologies in excavation to minimize the environmental and personal property damage as well as getting our customer’s life back to normal. With our Directional Drilling, we can run the lines from the street to the house oftentimes within a day, leaving almost no trace of excavation in the yard. This was a determining factor for the purchase of the directional drill that minimizes the damage to landscape, foundations, and the environment. “people have been very surprised and impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of this new technology. This is not only a new division for our company, adding to our already growing team but an opportunity to help our community move forward through a crisis.


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